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Title of Bulletin Board: Staying Active in the Winter

Category: Holiday-Christmas/Winter

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: small paper snowmen, borders, cut out letters, blue paper.


This board was made to show not only the students, but the teachers in the school as well that there are many ways to stay active over the winter. Students were given small snowmen with lines in their bellies so they could write inside them. Students were to write one way to stay active over the winter months, i.e. having a snowball fight, taking a brisk walk at night with your family, doing jumping jacks at commercials of your favorite show, etc.

At the very top it says "Merry Fitness And A Happy New You"

The students had a great time making the snowmen and coming up with ways they could stay active while it is so cold out! The students also really enjoyed seeing their snowmen up on the board as they walked into health class each day.

Staying Active in the Winter Image

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