PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Get On Target With Physical Education

Category: Health

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: Construction Paper, Physical Education sports pictures,


This bulletin board was used during the month of February. February is Healthy Heart month. During this month our students learned about the heart as they travel through the Healthy Heart obstacle course. This bulletin board describes how to take your pulse and how to find your target heart rate. The definitions of maximum heart rate and resting heart rate are also included. As the students are traveling through the Healthy Heart obstacle course they walk pass the board and read up on the new topics. This was a great way to incorporate some new topics to lessons that we do each year. I used the theme of a cupid shooting arrows at a bull’s-eye. The bull’s-eye has different Physical Education activities on it. The arrows are connecting to the different sports and games.

Get On Target With Physical Education Image

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Submitted by Lindsay Conroy who teaches at Maine-Memorial Elementary School in Maine, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/23/2008 12:27:08 PM. Viewed 15329 times since 2/29/2008.

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