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Title of Bulletin Board: Bones To Know From Head To Toe

Category: About the Body

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: Bulletin Board Paper, Letter Cut Outs, Drawing of Skeleton with bones labeled that you are studying


This board was created during our Bones Unit. Students previously learned how nutrition and exercise affects the strength and health of their bones. Therefore, the Bones Unit focused on 10 bones throughout the entire body (from head to toe). This bulletin board is placed right next to gym doors. At the end of every PE class, I always see students studying the location of the bones they learned throughout the week, to prepare for the upcoming test.

Additional Information:

As a first year PE teacher, I have designed a PE curriculum which focuses on overall health and fitness through structured units, fitness games and activities (as there is not a health class taught at these grade levels). At first students were reluctant to this change, as they only wanted to "play". However, with each new unit that is taught, I have found students asking more questions on how they can help their family members improve their health and fitness levels.

Bones To Know From Head To Toe Image

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Submitted by Kelley Newman who teaches at South Grove Intermediate School in Beech Grove, IN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/23/2008 12:36:27 PM. Viewed 11064 times since 2/23/2008.

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Previous Comments:

Lee Hopkins

Kelley, I LOVE your bulletin board. I've decided to use it, but to make a small change. I've labeled mine "Parts to know from head to toe" and I have the muscles labeled also. Thanks for sharing with everyone!

Colleen Lombardi


I love your BB. I teach only these basic bones as well. I think if you throw too much scientific giberish at you students than you loose them all together. I always give the medical terminology but i always joke around and tell my students ..."and this is what everyday people call this bone!"

Keep up the good work!