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Title of Bulletin Board: Get Up, Get Moving

Category: Physical Activities

Suggested Grade Level: k-5

Materials: Colorful boarder and background paper. Bright colored lettering. Clip art or pictures of children being active and a few of examples of "Screen Time"


This bulletin board is titled Get Up ­ Get Moving! It is a simple but clear message that one or more hours (1+ hours) a day of total physical activity can be incorporated in everyday activities that a children already enjoy. These could be fifteen minutes to twenty minutes of different activities such as: biking, skating, running, playing sports, walking a dog, jumping on a trampoline or dancing that equal a total of one or more hours a day. These activities are spread out across this bright colored bulletin board, to represent how they can be spread out throughout an average day.

In addition to incorporating more physical activity in everyday life, this bulletin board shows ³Screen Time² examples such as cell phone, computer, video games or television in a representative, smaller corner of the board. The message here is less than two hours (under 2 hours) of total screen time a day is recommended.

As educators, harping on physical activity as sports or exercise could turn some kids off to the idea of getting out and getting more physical activity, but if we just tell them to go out and play maybe more kids will get up, get outside and get some physical activity and have fun doing it. Healthful Living educators need to promote outdoor playing as a popular pass time, as it was in years past. In addition, screen time should be viewed as an indoor activity reserved for rainy days or as a means to complete school work, but not as a form of daily entertainment that last for several hours.

Get Up, Get Moving Image

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