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Title of Bulletin Board: Hooked On Healthy Living

Category: Nutrition

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: light and dark blue paper, fish cut outs, three thin rods of brown paper, boat cut out, three plates, velcro, and a chart to represent each food group and proportion sizes


This is an interactive bulletin board for students to learn, create and understand how to eat healthy. It's set up as a colorful ocean/fishing theme to help spark immediate interest for nutrition. Each fish is color coded (based on the food groups chart, located in the left corner of the board)and contains a clipart food picture with a specific portion size. the food chart describes what types of foods they can have, examples of each food group, and the amount of each food they should consume on a daily basis. The plates (hanging off fishing rods) are set up containing velcro which the fishes have on the back of them also. The students choose the foods they want to eat and velcro their choices on each plate, designated by the meal titles (Breakfast Plate, Lunch Plate, Dinner Plate). During this process, students should look at the food chart, compare, calculate and plan their meals. By completing this activity the student will have created three MyPlates, one for each meal.

I feel that nutrition is a crucial topic to address to all age groups of individuals. However, I chose to target a younger population with my bulletin board. I feel that by educating and having students interact with this objective at a younger age it will promote and encourage their positive nutritional habits.

Hooked On Healthy Living Image

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Hi! Love your bulletin board. I was wondering where you got the poster at. Also, can you send my the pictures you used for the fish?