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Title of Bulletin Board: We Commit To Be Bully Free

Category: Bullying

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials: Red Bulletin Board Paper, Boarder, Bully Pledges


This board is made from my 6th grade health class. It is entitled "We commit to be Bully Free." We had just covered a whole week on violence, handling conflicts in a non-violent way and bullying. Therefore I decided I wanted the students to pledge and make a promise to me and the class to stop bullying. I actually had the students choose whether or not they signed the pledge. They got really excited about being about to choose. I only had two out of forty students say they didn't want to pledge to be bully free. Therefore, before they signed their name to the pledge we all held up out right hand and held up our pointer, middle and index fingers and read the pledge aloud together. After we read the pledge the students signed at the bottom and returned the pledges to me. I posted them on the board to be a constant reminder of what they pledged. The pledge reads "I agree to stamp out bullying and all forms of violence. I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy our school equally, feel safe, secure, and accepted regardless of ethnicity, gender, popularity, athletic ability, intelligence, religion, or nationality. By signing this pledge I agree to support students who have been subject to bullying, teach by example treating other students with respect, open my eyes and be alert to all incidents of bullying, and prevent bullying by reporting any suspicious behavior." The students were really excited about the other classes seeing that they had signed a pledge and decided to be bully free.

We Commit To Be Bully Free Image

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Submitted by Cassie Lynch who teaches at Overhills Middle School in Spring Lake, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/24/2013 6:37:19 AM. Viewed 6476 times since 2/14/2013.

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