PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: How Do We Earn Extra P.E.

Category: Behavior Incentives

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials: Green Butcher Paper, Brown Construction Paper, Cut-Out Carrots with Class Names, Bunny Drawn with a Basket, Velcro Stickies, and Printed Words/Rules


At the beginning of the year when I am going over Physical Education protocol, I reinforce the behavior with a positive reward bulletin board. It is very important to have a protocol set in place to ensure smooth flow of class. The protocols I have set in place are, 1. Wear Sneaker, 2. Come in Quietly, and 3. Everyone Participates. Of course this can be customized to your needs/rules. Number 1 is important for safe participation. Number 2 gets attendance taken care of quickly and initial instruction is better comprehended when all students are quiet and listening. I have number 3 set in place to promote involvement in activities. No one can opt to sit out unless injured or sick and no one needed to take a break for unsafe or disruptive behaviors. As this is a class incentive, everyone must follow the three rules. At the end of the class, they have a chance to move forward three times (once for each rule). The students show excitement about this by following the three rules, constantly checking their class's position and acknowledging that they could receive a reward for being one of the first two classes to reach the bunnies basket. Rewards I use are an extra 20 minutes of physical education, or a recess game during the classes recess. Once two classes reach the basket, every class is reset to the beginning and we start again.

Additional Information:

In order for the bulletin board to be successful, students must see their class being moved forward and reminders must be given for the first few weeks. It also needs to be introduced with excitement and needs to be considered a “Big Deal!” for the students. In some instances, one or two children are constantly making it so their class can not move. In this situation I pull the student(s) aside at the end of class and tell them that I am going to start moving the class regardless of their behavior. If they chose to turn it around, they can participate in the extra reward. If not, the student will stay in class during the class's extra time.

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Submitted by Derik Jordan who teaches at Greene Central School in Greene, ME. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/15/2012 2:57:05 PM. Viewed 7809 times since 11/21/2011.

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We are so fortunate to have Mr. Jordan on our staff. He works to support all students throughout his day by acknowledging appropriate behavior and celebrating successes. He is creative, patient and a great team player. Thank you Mr. Jordan for all your hard work. You are a great addition to the Greene Central School staff.