PEC: Bulletin Boards for Physical Education

Title of Bulletin Board: Can You Name Them All?

Category: Physical Activities

Suggested Grade Level: All

Materials: Sport-Related Cardboard Cut-outs, Velcro, Die-Cut Letters


I created an interactive bulletin board for my students. The bulletin board serves two purposes. I mainly use it as a time-out station in the gym. If the students are not on-task and need to step away for a minute or two, they are encouraged to go to the bulletin board on the side of the gym and try their best to name each picture and the sport related to each picture. It calms the students down and gives them a cognitive challenge as well. I also have paper and pencils next to the board so the students can write down the answers and show it to me at a later time for a prize if they meet the objective. The second purpose is to use it as a review for what we are learning in Physical Education throughout the marking period. I will add new pictures periodically and the students need to be able to name each picture as a cumulative test at the end.

Additional Information:

The objective stated for the students is for them to be able to name at least 15 of the 18 pictures and identify the sport of which the picture entails.

The pictures are changed periodically throughout the marking period and used as a review. Health pictures are also utilized when we go over important health topics. It is very simple to maintain and update and is good for visual learners.

Can You Name Them All? Image

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