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Title of Bulletin Board: Stop the Spread of Germs

Category: Health

Suggested Grade Level: K-8

Materials: Bulletin board background paper, border, "Fight the Flu" Poster, Henry the Hand Washing Champion picture, construction paper


My bulletin board has a bright yellow background with a border that was blue with polka dots. The title is “Stop the Spread of Germs” and is written in blue letters. There are three main parts to the board. The first on the left is a poster that is titled, “Fight the Flu” and has different ways for students to stay healthy and prevent spreading germs and getting sick. It has cute pictures to go along with each different point. The second part in the middle has the title, “Six Successful Steps to Washing Your Hands” and around that has the six steps typed out and mounted on construction paper. The third part of the board on the right has “Henry the Hand” who tells the students facts about the flu. There is also a picture between the second and third parts that shows the different places that are missed when washing your hands and is mounted on a picture of germs. I tried to make it kid friendly and make it all relate by cutting the paper in ways that are fun and colors that are eye catching. The polka dots on the border match the color and polka dots on the poster and to me look like little germs or bacteria. I also put a picture of a stop sign by the word “stop” in the title and a cute picture of germs by the word “germs” in the title to make it easier for the first graders to follow along. “Henry the Hand” is a picture of a hand wearing a shirt and shorts and is called a Hand Washing Champion so it is just something funny and relates to the students.

Six Successful Steps to Washing Your Hands

1.Turn on warm water and wet hands.
2.Get one squirt of hand washing soap.
3.Rub your hands together to make small bubbles with the soap. Remember to wash the palms, back of hands, and in between fingers. Keep washing for 20 seconds…sing “Happy Birthday” twice through to help you count!
4.Rinse your hands and send the bubbles and germs down the drain!
5.Take one paper towel and dry off your hands.
6.Use the paper towel to turn the water off and then put it in the trash can.

Flu Facts:
The flu facts on the left side of the board can be found on the back of the "Fight the Flu" poster!

Stop the Spread of Germs Image

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Could you possibly type the flu facts that are on the right side of the board? Really love this idea!