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Title of Bulletin Board: Badminton Basics

Category: Sports

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials: Project Display Board, Construction Paper, Markers, Clip Art Pictures


This bulletin board highlights the basic rules and procedures of badminton. We do not have a bulletin board in our gymnasium so I created my own by using a cardboard display board.
* The center of the board is a diagram of the badminton court with each line labeled, as well as the service courts.
* On the outside there are informational sheets on the following: Scoring, Serving, Doubles Play, Faults and Other Important rules
* The students can refer to this for any questions they have during game play. It is a great way to eliminate the overwhelming amount of questions all at the same time.
* All of the information that is provided on the bulletin board is then part of their unit test.

A great benefit to having it on a display board is I am able to take it down after the unit and store it until the next year and it is ready to go back up without any preparation involved. I always end each unit with tournament play. I create my brackets on poster board that is laminated. By laminating it I am able to use overhead markers which will erase with a wet rag. I assign teams a number and that is what I put into the brackets so that no ones names are displayed.

Badminton Basics Image

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