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Title of Bulletin Board: Suzies quest to give her tummy the best!

Category: Nutrition

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials: Letters, Construction paper, eyes, Markers


This is a bulletin board about nutrition and showing students the importance of choosing healthy foods. During the week the students have talked about the importance of healthy foods, nutrients, the food pyramid and choosing healthy foods. The theme of the board is a girl name Suzie who wants to have energy to go outside and play.

After reading the instructions, the students must go into the fridge in the bottom left corner and pull out the foods that will give Suzie's tummy the best for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Examples would be for breakfast should Suzie eat a Cinnqmon Roll or should she eat Eggs? For lunch should she eat Pizza or a Sandwich? For dinner should she drink Coke or Water? The students are being challenged to choose healthy foods that they have learned about during the week. Once they have finished they must check their answers behind the answer key, and if correct sign the "I did it!" sheet.

Suzies quest to give her tummy the best! Image

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