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Title of Bulletin Board: Water Safety

Category: Water Safety

Suggested Grade Level: 3-12

Materials: blue background, wave border, marine animal cutouts, styrofoam circle, red felt, pushpins, string, blue wave paper, blue celophane, balsa sticks, stencils, cardstock, red paint, caution tape/border


I live in an area close to the ocean. I decided to do a bulletin board highlighting water safety geared to the beach. The blue background and border set the stage for the ocean scene, with blue holograph paper, sea creatures, and blue cellophane simulating the ocean. The ocean is bordered with caution tape as a reminder that this beautiful scene can be dangerous. The title of the board "Water Safety" was painted using stencils on card stock to simulate writing on boards and lifeguard chairs at the beach.
The life preserver, along with the different textures of the water and sandcastle, was created to be lightweight and help add an extra dimension to the board. The safety information was crafted to look like signs one may see at the beach, with rules pertaining to water safety, surf and marine life flag warning descriptions, and directions to escape a rip current.
For Your Safety (Water Safety rules on one sign)
Obey posted signs and lifeguards
Learn to swim if you don’t know how
Never swim alone
If someone needs assistance– reach for them or throw a flotation device. Don’t jump in after them
Always use a life jacket when boating or water skiing
Never dive into water unless you know it is at least 9 feet deep and free of obstacles
Wear sunscreen and reapply every hour or sooner if you towel off

Additional Information:

Water Safety Image

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