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Title of Bulletin Board: field day is blossoming!

Category: Field Day

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials: yellow, orange, and red construction paper, white, green and blue butcher paper


The students wrote a sentence about their favorite field day game and drew a picture of them playing it on the sun. The students read their sun to the class. We wrote the names of each field day game in the middle of a drawn flower, colored it, and hung it on the bottom of the bulletin board. We asked students to pick a flower and then explain how to play the game written on the flower. We hung blue paper for background, green grass on bottom, and white clouds. We hung the suns in the space left.
You can modify the suns and flowers to say sports rules and skills and change the title to the sport. For example, you can say Football is blossoming! Then write names of skills involved in football on the flowers. Then have the students write a rule about football and draw a picture of them playing football on the sun.

field day is blossoming! Image

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