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Title of Bulletin Board: Chew the Right Thing

Category: Health

Suggested Grade Level: 3-12

Materials: food labels, construction paper, hot glue gun, empty snack wrappers


This board was created in order to promote healthy snacking. Many of my students come to school with snacks high in sugar, fat, and calories. I had students bring in their typical snack and in groups they examined the food labels. As a class we determined whether or not these snacks were considered healthy choices (most were not). Students were then asked to go on a “Supermarket Search” in order to find snacks that were better choices and healthier alternatives than their original snack.
All snacks were placed into two categories: “Chew This” and “Not That”. An enlarged food label was placed in the middle of a bulletin board with key points to remember when reading a food label. Empty packages of healthy and unhealthy snacks were glued onto the board. Above the packages students pasted the title “Chew This” or “Not That” depending on the type of snack. This board was a hit with all grades and student’s loved showing off their healthy choices.

Additional Information:

Some of the healthy snack alternatives students came up with: 1. Chocolate rice cakes instead of chocolate chip cookies. 2.) Seltzer mixed with orange juice instead of orange soda. 3.) Animal crackers instead of a bag of chips.

Chew the Right Thing Image

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