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Title of Bulletin Board: We have the nervous system on our mind

Category: About the Body

Suggested Grade Level: 3-12

Materials: Bulletin board paper, cut out words, brain clipart, nervous system facts


As part of my health curriculum, the nervous system is taught to students in grades 3-6. This is an easy way to introduce the information as well as create an awareness. Each brain has a fact printed on it. Dendrites were created around the brains to introduce the importance of dendrites and what they do.
Nervous system facts (as written on the "brain"):
-The Nervous System is made up of your brain, your spinal cord, and an enormous network of nerves that thread throughout your body, it's the control center for your entire body. Your brain uses information it receives from your nerves to coordinate all of your actions and reactions. Without it, you couldn't exist!
-The senses of smell and taste are nearly inseparable. If one sense is not working properly such as a sinus infection, taste can be diminished.
-When a neuron is stimulated by heat, cold,touch, sound vibrations or some other message. It begins to actually generate a tiny electrical pulse. This electricity and chemical change travels the full length of the neuron. But when it gets to the end of finger-like points at the end of the neuron, it needs help getting across to the next extended finger. That's where chemicals come in. The electrical pulse in the cells triggers the release of chemicals that carry the pulse to the next cell.

Additional Information:

We have the nervous system on our mind Image

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