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Teacher: Mary Driemeyer who teaches at Sappington Elementary in St. Louis, MO, MO. Mary Driemeyer can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Staff Steppers-Pedometer Staff Challenge

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To promote staff wellness and school-wide healthy behaviors by having a staff use pedometers. This exercise tool is utilized as a way to encourage health-related physical fitness. A staff excited by exercise and healthy living is a great example to our students.

Suggested Grade Level: All School Staff

Materials Needed: 1. Pedometers - owned by staff members or on loan from the school. Before starting this challenge pedometers were sold as a fundraiser for the Physical Education program. 2. Log sheets

Staff Steppers-Pedometer Staff Challenge

The first "step" is to create staff teams. To do this, interested staff log there total steps for three days. With the average of the three days I then determine their baseline average. I create teams of five with a simular baseline average. For example:



Then the challenge starts. Every school day participants log their steps. At the end of the week they turn in their sheet. Every week the most improved team is announced as well as these others. Highest team average, most improved individual and highest individual total. Sometimes silly prizes are awarded like toe tokens(small plasic feet) or an old sneaker(dirty sneaker award) When new log sheets are given out include a goal for the week or a tip sheet.

Four examples:

1) Your goal for the week is to improve your daily steps by 500.
2) It takes 250 steps to walk from one end of the building and back. Do this twice.
3) Park further from the building and increase your steps by about 25.
4) Walk around the field when you get to school and add 100 steps.

Other challenges like drinking water are included. I give the staff a 16 oz. bottle of water and challenge them to drink 4 bottles a day. Students in my classes are sent to them randomly to ask them if they need their water bottle filled. This reminds staff to keep drinking the water. Because of the pedometer fundraiser enough money was raised to buy a water dispenser. When the team members have, as a group, drank 1000 glasses of water we will purchase one for the staff lounge. We have a chart in the front office for all to see as the groups progress. Next to the chart I also put up a sign that explains about the benefits of water. This is another great way to promote drinking water to students and their families.


Have the staff use the Get Active Stay Active Log Web Site (sponsored by Pepsi and PE Central) to record their steps.

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