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Teacher: Michael Gibson who teaches at Westchester Primary School in Westcherster, IL. Michael Gibson can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Super Star Student of the Month

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To articulate physical education across the curriculum while extending the classroom homeward.

Suggested Grade Level: K-8

Materials Needed: Monthly worksheet, 5 buckets, 5 small prizes (stickers, pencils, granola bars, etc.), 1 Ball

Super Star Student of the Month

Each month I hand out a folder to each classroom teacher containing a Super Star Student of the Month (SSSM) worksheet. This worksheet (listed below) is made by me and usually contains about 5 excercises of various subjects to be completed by the end of the month.

I also like to ask the students a personal preference question each month so I can get to know them better. For example, what is your favorite song (maybe I can burn a CD with a bunch of their favorite songs), favorite healthy snack (bring it in once in a while), or favorite game or activity OUTSIDE of gym class (I have used or adapted some of their suggestions).

At the end of the month, I have the teachers return the folders with the completed worksheets in them and then I pass out award certificates to each person that handed it back fully completed. The following day, I come into their lunch room, sometimes with the school mascot, and set up a "Grand Prize Game" like off the old Bozo the Clown Show. I put 5 baskets in front of a yardstick and I draw a worksheet out of a basket to pick one girl and one boy to play the game in front of the lunchroom. Each successful toss of the ping-pong ball results in a "better" prize. One of the prizes is a Free Choice Gym class for their entire class, which really excites that particular classroom watching. After both contestants finish, I remind the students to clean up under their lunch tables and I explain the next months worksheet.

For example for one month I had them do the following worksheet:

Name___________________ Teacher___________

Favorite Radio Station_________________

1. (Math) Count the number of steps around your house, apartment, castle, etc. Record the amount of steps here_________, see how long it takes for you to run around it, record the time here____________.

2. (Reading) Find an article in the sports section about your favorite sport, cut it out, and circle all of the words that you don't know. Have your parents explain to you what they are.

3. (Character builder) See how long it takes for you to make your bed this week. Record the times here_________________. (See if you can break one minute!)

4. (Health) Watch one hour of TV. During the each commercial, do 5 excercises of your choice. (Jelly-bellies, jumping jacks, crazy-8's, crunches, etc.)

5. (Art) Draw and color a picture of you doing the exercise in number 4.

I also put a line on the bottom for the parent's signature.


Find current events to incorporate into the worksheet:

How many home runs do you think "local baseball slugger" will hit in April?

In honor of Earth Day, so something environmentally friendly. What did you do?______________________.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

My philosophy is to keep the SSSM optional. I feel this is something individual and I want the students to make a a personal choice to complete the worksheet. This also allows me to gauge the levels of interest from month to month.

Note: I write this on all the sheets. "Failure to complete this will NOT lower the gym grade in any way." This could be adapted to be mandatory very easily, and could also be adapted to cover any material highlighted in Physical Education.

I like to award the class that hands in the most completed worksheets.

Post the worksheet on a school Web site so they can print an extra copy at anytime.

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