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Teacher: Brandi Bazurto who teaches at Silver Star in Vancouver, WA.

Name of Best Practice: Cosmic PE Bowling

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To explore fitness through participation in a lifetime activity and to integrate math skills in PE (scoring).

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials Needed: Bowling equipment (8 carpet lanes, pins, balls, score sheets), Disco balls (have students provide them).

Cosmic PE Bowling

Every year I do a two week unit on bowling. Our local bowling alley loans the equipment to our school (8 sets of carpet lanes, pins, and balls). The first couple of lessons focus on mechanics, scoring, etc. Classes get PE twice a week, so on their 4th session of bowling we have "Cosmic Bowling in PE". I have students bring in disco ball lights and I invite parents and relatives to come bowl with their child during their PE time.

I set up all the disco ball lights throughout the gym, turn out the main lights and tape up the windows. I then play disco music. I introduce several different games (see below) to add excitement to the lesson. The students and parents play for prizes.

This has been a great way to get parents to participate and help out in my PE program. Parents are usually impressed wtih the event and are suprised to find out how much PE has changed over the years. The principal has also commented on the success of the event.



Have one player stand on the foul line in a straddle position, the other player has to bowl the ball between their legs and if they get a strike they get a prize...change the straddle into a bridge and try to get a strike.

Pin Add On - Set up the #1 pin, the first player gets one roll and tries to knock it down, if they are successful the #2 pin is added and the next bowler rolls. This pattern continues until you work up to all ten pins and roll a strike, then the game ends. All pins have to be knocked down in one roll to count, if not, then they have to be set back up for the next bowler.

BINGO - Give each lane a bingo card with numbers 0-9 on it, students have two options to mark their card (Ex: if they roll a 7 and then a 2, they can either mark off "9" on their card or they could mark off a "7" and a "2") To mark off a "0" they have to use their second roll and miss all the pins while keeping the ball on the carpet (no gutter balls).

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

For the teams, I have a bowler, a ball returner and a pin setter person, and they rotate through jobs.

For BINGO cards I laminate them and give each team a transparency pen, a wet paper towel, and a dry one, then they can reuse the cards for each new game

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

I borrow a bowling rail from the adapted program that allows kids to roll the ball easier. I also use mats as bumper guards to prevent gutter balls.

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