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Teacher: Ted Rusovick who teaches at Frank Rushton Elementary in Kansas City, KS. Ted Rusovick can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Fitness Day

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To bring the entire school together to demonstrate the importance of daily exercise.

Suggested Grade Level: K-8

Materials Needed: Large cones, megaphone, helium filled balloons, string, plastic lunch bags, note cards.

Fitness Day

Our urban school has three large outdoor playgrounds. On Fitness Day, the classes are divided by grade level and assigned a playground. All students and staff are asked to walk (not run or jog) for 20 minutes or 1 mile around the cones placed around the playground. The activity is meant to be fun for all students involved. It is not a race!

Students and staff are encouraged to walk and talk in a leisurely manner as they complete the mile. Each class is given a set of helium filled balloons to be released at the conclusion of the activity. Attached to each balloon is a laminated card with information about the activity which includes school name and phone number. On the card we ask that if the balloon is found to please respond. (Last year a balloon was recovered about 100 miles northeast of our city.)

Each student present on Fitness Day has their name placed in a drawing for a pair of new tennis shoes provided by our school P.T.A. The drawing is held at the end of our balloon release and the lucky, excited student is taken to a local shoe store for the purchase. The student is accompied by the Physical Education teacher and classroom teacher. Parental permission is received prior to leaving our school. The shoe cost is limited to fifty dollars. Our school was so excited about last years Fitness Day that everyone, including the principal, walked the mile in a light drizzle.


Local community leaders can be invited to participate, along with professional sports players or radio/T.V. personalities.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Encourage everyone to talk and walk leisurely. Students can make or draw posters promoting the event.

The location of the retrieved balloon can be found on a map and students can correspond with that person or city.

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