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Teacher: Marina Bonello & Gudrun Callahan who teaches at San Andrea Early School in Malta (Europe), . Marina Bonello & Gudrun Callahan can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: PEACE Connecting Across the Globe

Rationale/Purpose of Event: A Physical Education and Instructional Technology marriage to enable children from distance lands to learn about their PE programs, while promoting peace and friendship. The aim is for the students to also learn about the culture, tradition and geography of the "sister" school.

Suggested Grade Level: PreK-2

Materials Needed: Digital Camera, Web-page building skills, Bulletin Boards, Mascots, Map of Malta, Map of Virginia and other local sovenirs that can be exchanged between the schools. Computer lab.

PEACE Connecting Across the Globe

The rational for calling this project "PEACE" is twofold. As an acronym, the letters represent "Physical Education Among Children Everywhere" and indeed the attempt is to foster and promote international understanding, peace and friendship while learning about physical education in other countries. The second objective is to become active promoters for PEACE by joining UNESCO's 2001-2010 action plan for promoting a culture of Peace and non-violence for the children of the world. The aim is to collect as many signatures as we can to develop a global community for peace.

The project is being staged between two Physical Education teachers who teach similar aged students. Marina Bonello is located in Malta (Europe) and teaches at San Andrea Early School ( Mrs. Gudrun Callahan teaches at St. Stephen's and St. Agnes Lower School in Alexandria, Virginia( The teachers exchange e-mails and photos (using a digital camera) to share what is happening in their physical education programs, traditions and culture. The next stage will entail exploring how they can foster PEACE-building skills through physical education. They will share their exchanges online through the Web page that has been purposely developed and also on bulletin boards in their schools. The second grade children are also involved in the communication process as they exchange e-mails too. This project will continue to evolve throughout the scholastic year and will culminate during Field Day which will be developed around the same theme and thereby called PEACELYMPICS 2002.

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