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Teacher: Bonnie Rodgers who teaches at Crestview Elementary in Carlisle, PA. Bonnie Rodgers can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Teacher/Staff Winter Olympics

Rationale/Purpose of Event: For the students to see the teachers work cooperatively as a group and participate in fun movement activities based on the Winter Olympics.

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials Needed: 3 golf tubes, 3 small yellow balls to balance on tubes, 15 colored hula hoops-I used the colors of the Olympic rings-blue, yellow, black, green and red (I used black duct tape to make some black), 3 large scooters, 2 red cones, 2 blue and 2 white cones, 12 shuffleboard discs, 6 small brooms, wooden cooperative skiis-for 2 people to use at a time, 6 carpet squares, 3 plastic hockey sticks, 30 plastic hockey pucks, and 3 hockey goals.

Teacher/Staff Winter Olympics

During my schedule I am assigned an enrichment group of students who are a higher level reading group. With this group I like to interwine physical education. The students did research on the Sochi Olympics through books and their I-pads. Then we planned the Teacher/Staff Olympics.

Before each event the students read a fact about the sport and how it would be adapted for the teachers/staff. They also wrote the Olympic oath on the whiteboard in the gym and the staff said this before the events and we played some Olympic music.

The whole school assembled into the gym and teachers were divided into a red, white and blue team. There were 21 teachers that participated. The enrichment group also came up with a silly name for each teacher based on their last name such as Rambunctious Rodgers or Vicious Vanderlyke and the teachers were introduced as our "qualifying Crestview athletes."

Here are the events that were used:

Olympic Torch Relay-balance the yellow ball on the golf tube and go around the cone and then hand to the next person in line.

Olympic Ring Pass-Each team has 5 hula hoops, they hold hands and must pass the hoops down the line without letting go of hands.

Bobsled/Skeleton-Go the length of the gym sitting on the scooter and come back lying on belly.

Curling-One teacher slides the shuffleboard disc on the floor and tries to land it in a middle circle on the gym floor. 2 other teammates sweep the floor in front of the disc.

Cross Country Skiing- Two staff members use the cooperative skis to go around a cone and back.

Speedskating-Use the 2 carpet squares-1 per foot to go around the cone and back.

Hockey Event-Each team had one minute to score as many goals as possible with no goalie.

We gave points for each event as follows:

1st-3 points
2nd-2 points
3rd-1 point

At the end of all the events we awarded plastic gold, silver and bronze medals. You could also have the students make these out of construction paper.

The students loved this event and it was great to see their teachers being active in a fun way. It also showed them that teachers think that moving is important!


You may want to involve the kids in the activities in the future.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Some of the facts the students stated before the events were:

where the torch had been passed...this year through 83 Russian cities in space and etc.

The significance of the colored rings-they each represent a region of the world and all national flags include one of those colors

Difference between luge and skeleton and the fact that they can reach speeds of 75 m.p.h.

Curling stones are 42 pounds and are slid on ice.

This year there are 98 events in 15 sports and 88 nations have qualified at least one athlete to participate. The U.S. has qualified 230.

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