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Teacher: Charlotte Kelso who teaches at Swanson Middle School in Arlington, VA. Charlotte Kelso can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Safety Day

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To help students learn more about safety organizations that are available in the community.

Suggested Grade Level: 5-6

Materials Needed: Schedule for PE classes to explore the stations with Safety Equipment. Cones for designating space for booths. Phone lists of all parties that you invite to your Safety Day.

Safety Day

As a closure for a Health unit in Safety, I invite the community to be a part of our Safety Day. I invite the local fire and rescue department, Red Cross, and Police Bike Safety Team to bring information and equipment to display behind our school. The fire department brings 4 pieces, which include, a ladder truck, fire engine, safety trailer, and an ambulance. The Red Cross sends a volunteer to set-up a table for babysitting and other courses that would be availbale for this age group. The police department sends their Bike Patrolman to speak about bike safety and the equipment they use for their job.

The students are given an assignment that requires attendance to the safety day. They have specific questions that they ask at each station. The students write a brief one-page paper about their experience, make a safety poster that is hung in the Library for other students to view, and get to explore the equipment during the time alloted at each station.

The Safety Day is set-up behind our school and is in the afternoon so that the students will go home excited about their day. Classes are monitored by their PE teachers other teachers in the building. Classes are on a schedule of about 12-15 minutes at each station.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Be sure you call well in advance for the people that you want at your Safety Day. The only drawback is that the Fire Department is on duty and sometimes recieve calls and have to leave, but they always return to finish the safety day.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

We provide space and assign a parent volunteer to assist with disabled students to move around and ask questions.

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