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Teacher: Robin Shilkret who teaches at Tracey's Elementary School in Tracy's Landing, MD. Robin Shilkret can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: SPORT of the Day Person in Physical Education Class

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To recognize and build up the self-esteem of students who have demonstrated appropriate behaviors during physical education class.

Suggested Grade Level: PRE-K, K-2, 3-5

Materials Needed: Wristbands that have the word SPORT on them or a picture of a sport's ball, pencils with sports pictured on them. This really is up to the teacher.

SPORT of the Day Person in Physical Education Class


This idea is something I started because our school started doing it in the classroom so I decided to implement in the physical education classroom.

At Tracey's Elementary School, classroom teachers name a person the VISA (Very Important Student Access) for the day. The main qualification for this job is that the student has to be "on green" for the day (not break any classroom rules). The VISA person wears a badge that bears that title for the whole day while at school. The student who is the VISA person is entitled to do special roles as a part of that honor. For example, they may get to be the door holder, choose a special class activity or pass out equipment, etc.

I wanted students in my physical education classes to be able to earn that type of honor when they demonstate appropriate behaviors in physical education class. I choose a student who has followed all of the rules for the whole class period. I try to pick someone who has gone above and beyond what is expected of them.

At the beginning of the school year, I explain this program to all of my classes as an incentive to improve the overall behavior of the class and to improve the self-esteem of the students who are selected to be the SPORT for their class. It is really important to fully explain what behaviors and attitudes you are looking for so spend time on this and maybe create a poster to remind students. I remind students as they line up to exit class that I am still deciding who will be the SPORT of the day so they will line up quietly.

After selecting the SPORT student, I ask them to hold the door and remind me on our next day that they will get to be the SPORT. Upon arrival at the next class the SPORT of the day student gets to wear the SPORT wristband. If the student does not want to wear this wristband they do not have to. The physical education teacher could ask the PTA or a business for funds to purchase the wristbands.


There could be more than one SPORT picked for the next class to give more students an opportunity to earn this honor.

If you have enough bracelets/awards let the children keep them.

The student could receive an additional small prize for receiving this honor. The prize could be as simple as a pencil with different sports on it.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Make sure to note who is given the award in your attendance book so you don't keep awarding to the same person.

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