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Teacher: Stacy Davis who teaches at Worth County Middle School in Sylvester, GA. Stacy Davis can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Athletic Reader

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To integrate reading into the physical education class.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-12

Athletic Reader

Athletic Reader is an activity that integrates reading into physical education. It can also be used in other subject areas. This allows students to get that extra reading practice that is so much needed these days. The physical activities that are used in our case are basketball, soccer, and softball. However, teachers can choose other areas.

This activity can be done in six weeks intervals and that is what is proposed next. The first week, the students find as much information on the history of whatever game is being taught. The students must cite at least three references. In the English class, the students are graded on the report or asked to tell the class about it orally. In history class, the student draws a time line, and can discuss when, where and how the sport began. The students can also find the history of the sports in other countries. In math, the students use the measurements of the field, the courts, the balls or other material to come up with different problems or equations. In science, the students are taught what muscle is used to do certain actions in that specific sport.

The second and third weeks is where the PE teacher can teach the correct techniques and skills of the sport that is being taught. During these two weeks, the students are given an assignment. The assignment is to go to the library to find a book that has something to do with the game that is covered at this time. For example, a student who likes Tiger Woods may want to check out a book about him. The students can either write a report about the book or tell the class about it orally.

The fourth and fifth weeks, the students will be performing the activity. The students will be required to write one paragraph per week about what went on in the class.

The last week, the students are to be graded on a written test the PE teacher prepares for them. The written test can cover the history of the sport and other aspects of the sport that the teacher wants to cover.

The other sports can follow the same time line and steps.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

I suggest that the teacher does the same reading activities that the students are doing for motivational reasons. Most of the time when a child sees an adult reading, it motivates that student.

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