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Teacher: Charlene Schneckenberger who teaches at Highland Elementary School in Derby, NY.

Name of Best Practice: Welcome to P.E. Book

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To introduce K, 1st & 2nd graders to my physical education class by reading them a story/book.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: Your self written book/story.

Welcome to P.E. Book

I wrote a story/book about my class. It starts with telling the students about myself, my family, house, pets and my hobbies with words and pictures.

Here is a sample: Hello boys and girls. My name is Mrs. Schneckenberger. I know that is a mouthful! Let's try to say each letter. Let's count how many letters. My name sounds like shake and a burger doesn't it? Because it has lots of letters, takes a while to say and can be hard to pronounce ... everybody calls me Mrs. S.

I have two children who are 20 years old. How can they both be twenty?

I then tell them about my classroom "the biggest room in the school" and what is physical education or phys. ed. or P.E. means. It means Pure Enjoyment, Playing & Exploring, Positive Energy and Pretty Exciting. Each meaning describing how it relates in my class.

P.E. also means Positive Energy. Since you are able to get up and move you will participate in exercise. Exercise gives your body and your brain energy!

It covers class rules, proper attire and safe footware. I explain they are "Little Eagles" because they attend Highland Elementary, which is part of the Lake Shore District, the home of the eagles. I have them listen to the school fight song and even learn it.

It ends with me explaining what they are going to do next, which is learning my class management system. Various shapes to stand on and be a "tree" or sit on and "nest" or sit together in "Mrs. S's nest." So, then they get off their gluteaus maximus and we move!

Generally, K students are scared coming into a large space. I thought since they enjoy someone reading a story to them I would write one for them to calm their fears and explain my class.

Pictures are generally 8 x 10


Depends on your name.

Adapt to your own classroom.

Prepare the story so that movement is incorporated into it. Lots of movement.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Make it fun! And include pictures!

Update from year to year.


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