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Teacher: Joanne Woodworth & Suzannah Coelho who teaches at West Point Elementary School in West Point, NY. Joanne Woodworth & Suzannah Coelho can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Soar to Salt Lake City

Rationale/Purpose of Event: "Soar to Salt Lake City" is an interdisciplinary activity that motivates students to improve their cardio-respiratory fitness and to learn about our country.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: A large map of the United States, Stickers, Calculators, CD player, 4 cones

Soar to Salt Lake City

Popular music is played while K-2 students move (skip, jog, walk, slide, gallop, etc.) for 2 minutes (approximately .2 mile) and 3rd & 4th move for 3 minutes (approximately .3 mile) each physical education class. Our fourth graders calculate our weekly mileage and are responsible for putting stickers on our map of the United States showing where we have gone.

To date, we have exercised at Annapolis, MD with Midshipmen at the Naval Academy, jogged to music called "Virginia Reel" while passing through Virginia, spent a week at the "beach" in Florida practicing throwing and catching an assortment of fish, crabs and squid, discussed how courageous Rosa Parks was in Montgomery, Alabama. At each stop, we talk about what that part of the country is like.

On Fridays, the entire school is invited to move (e.g., walk/jog/gallop, etc.) for 15 minutes to help earn bonus miles toward our journey. Once we arrive at Salt Lake City, we will create an Olympic Village and try some Olympic Sports.


Sometimes we create arches for the students to run under.

This is a great activity to have students wear pedometers so they can actually see how many steps/miles they have gone.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Start by having them walk. Focus on pace, not speed and moving safely.

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