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Teacher: Kymberley Anderson who teaches at Raymond School in Franksville, WI. Kymberley Anderson can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Safe Skaters Club

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To encourage the use of wearing helmets during our rollerskating unit and to end the "stigma" of it is not cool wearing a helmet.

Suggested Grade Level: PRE-K, K-2, 3-5

Materials Needed: Big sheet of paper, markers, stickers, tattoos, sillybands, etc. (whatever little trinkets excite your students) extra helmets if possible

Safe Skaters Club

In our school it is not mandatory for students to wear helmets while rollerskating. On the first day of skating I talk about safety and the importance of wearing a helmet. I strongly encourage them all to wear one, and created the "SAFE SKATERS CLUB" for any student who vows to wear one every time they skate in gym class. The students who wear helmets get to sign the giant poster that says "RAYMOND SAFE SKATERS CLUB" and get a little prize every day. The students can bring in their own helmet from home or we also have extra helmets available for students who may not have their own. (We disinfect these after each class.)Once the student puts their name on the poster, it is like signing a contract and they must wear a helmet every time they skate.

We had a "stigma" at our school for the last few years as there were very few students who would choose to wear a helmet. The few students that did felt self-conscious and uncomfortable because they were afraid of being picked on about it. The "SAFE SKATERS CLUB" makes it fun for the kids, and they feel cool being a part of it. We have gone from 3-5 students wearing helmets in grades 1-3 to approximately 40 students wearing helmets in a matter of 1 week.


Children with various ability levels may need additional safety equipment such as knee pads and elbow pads.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Make the SAFE SKATERS CLUB a big deal. Talk it up to the students and praise them for all the members in each class. Make it fun!

Continue to encourage all students to bring in or wear a helmet every day. It's not too late to join the club!

Challenge them to get more helmets each day. (1 class had 13 today, I challenged them to get 15 tomorrow)

Get the classroom teachers to help by supporting your message of safety and reminding the students to bring in their helmets!

This can be transferred to Bike Safety as not all states require children to wear helmets.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

None, all students can (and should) wear helmets!

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