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Teacher: LISA IVES who teaches at Tolar Elementary in Tolar, TX. LISA IVES can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Easy Reusable Station Signs

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To make changing out signs for stations or units easier and cost effective

Suggested Grade Level: Any grade

Materials Needed: - Plastic Pocket folders with see through Viewfinder Covers - Adhesive backed Magnetic Tape or large magnetic clips

Easy Reusable Station Signs

I love to use signs on all the magnetic surfaces of my gym, from my climbing wall to doors to actual walls. Instead of going to the expense to laminate each and every sign for future use, I found plastic pocket folders on sale at the local office supply store that had a clear see through "viewfinder" cover.

I cut off all the pockets and use only the front see through cover, which allows me to slip in my 8 1/2" x 11" sign easily. I adhere magnetic strip (you may need super glue if your adhesive strip isn't sticky enough)
to the back side of the plastic and I have an instant sign protector that is inexpensive and easy to switch out.

I love to use it on my magnetic climbing wall to post health and fitness tips or facts - as well as to set up stations around the gym. (My most recent use was on the climbing wall for our Fire Safety Unit to reinforce fire safety tips as we climb.)

It's also great to review the kids as they exit the gym and ask them to tell me the facts they remember from our signs used today.

Slide the signs out and file them away with your unit and you have the protective covers left for your next activity!


If you don't have magnetic surfaces, then use rope or yarn to attach to your folder covers to hang your signs from cones.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Use them with any unit you are teaching to help provide the visual reinforcement many learners need to remember your key concepts.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Just make sure signs are easily readable, possibly with picture cues and are placed where they have access to read them, and provide any reading assistance needed as well.

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