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Teacher: Shirley A. Davis who teaches at Marco Antonio Firebaugh High School in Lynwood, CA.

Name of Best Practice: Photo Story Physical Education Student Personal Project

Rationale/Purpose of Event: The purpose of this practice is to give students a chance to reflect on their learning over the past year and to select a topic or content subject area that most impacted them during the year. Having the students analyze and plan their projects move them into more critical thinking and that is valuable, as is the promotion of their experiences. After receiving instruction on the use of the Photo Story software, students create a 3-4 minute Photo Story on a subject of their chosing illustrating their learning.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8, 9-12

Materials Needed: Digital Camera, Computer, Photo Story Software (Free Download from the Internet)

Photo Story Physical Education Student Personal Project

This is a fun summative assessment Personal Project for students to create. It is designed for students to illustrate their learning in their own words. In order to complete the assignment, the teacher has to teach a lesson which incorporates the use of technology into the P.E. classroom. At these grade levels, most students already have experience with the use of digital cameras and computers. The teacher has to teach the step-by-step use of the Photo Story software which is not difficult at all. Students must also be taught how to download their photos into the computer. After completing these tasks, the student can arrange their photos on the Photo Story softeware, overlay written titles, add music and voiceover the narrative in their own words. This lesson meets the California State Standandard for 9th and 10 grade.


A variation of this project can be completed using Powerpoint Presentation which uses still photos. The Photo Story also uses digital photos, however, the Photo Story software allows the photos to appear to be moving.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Show students sample projects that other students have created to give them a model of what is expected and what the different possibilities of projects that they can create. U Tube -is a great site to get sample videos to model and School Tube is another possibility. Try not to take away much movement class time as this is a homework assigment.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

1. Partner students with disabilites with a partner and break the project down into parts with each student taking on a small part.
2. Students can also work in cooperative groups to complete task

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