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Teacher: Debbie Glaberman who teaches at Lake Myra Elementary School in Wendell, NC. Debbie Glaberman can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Mom and Pop Fitness Shop

Rationale/Purpose of Event: The purpose of this activity is to inform parents/guardians about the fitness assessments administered during physical education classes.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2, 3-5

Materials Needed:
* Invitations
* Sit-and-Reach box
* Floor tape (for Pacer/Beep Assessment)
* Gymnastics Mats (for Curl-up Assessment)
* Push-up equipment
* Fitness posters
* Chairs
* Cones
* Laptop
* PLC projector
* Video clips of fitness assessments
* Fitness Assessment personal score sheets (optional)
* Fitness Assessment cards (for dividing group - optional)
* Scotch tape
* First aid kit

Mom and Pop Fitness Shop

The teacher will send out invitations to parents announcing the "Mom and Pop Fitness Shop" event. The invitation will indicate the purpose of the event, the time, and the place; it will also encourage parents to come dressed in comfortable clothing/sportswear, so that they may participate in activities with their child(ren).

On the evening of the event, the teacher facilitating the event will introduce him/herself and provide an overview of why and how physical fitness assessments are administered, and which component of fitness each assessment focuses on. (This information may vary, according to your school district's physical/education/program/curriculum.) The facilitator may choose to show a video clip pertaining to each test. After providing ample explanation and demonstration of each assessment, the facilitator introduces the location of each fitness station.

You may allow attendees to gravitate to the stations of their choice, or you may utilize a method to divide the group up evenly so as to decrease the chances of any one station becoming too crowded. (I usually tape a color-coded index card under each chair or a picture of the station to assist in dividing the group up. The person simply goes to the designated station and rotates clockwise to the next station.)

Parents and students are given the opportunity to participate in each of the fitness assessments. (Parents may opt out of any of the assessments if they choose to do so.) I usually have Student Ambassadors available to assist with the administration of the assessments.

I have received positive feedback from parents and students who have participated in the "Mom and Pop Fitness Shop." Parents enjoy this unique way of learning about physical fitness and the assessments their child(ren) are expected to complete in physical education. Our students really enjoy seeing their parents participate in these activities! This is a great way to promote positive public relations in your school community and have fun at the same time!


The "Mom and Pop Fitness Shop" is an ideal activity for:

* Your school's open house (daytime or evening)
* Curriculum night

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

* Train Student Ambassadors well in advance, so that they will be knowledgeable about the assessments.

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