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Teacher: Deana Schnuelle who teaches at Ogletree Elementary School in Auburn, AL. Deana Schnuelle can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Write, Read and Play

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To integrate writing, reading and movement skills and to allow older students to tutor younger students.

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials Needed: Materials depend on the activities the students choose to write about

Write, Read and Play

For this activity, the 5th grade students are grouped into pairs. They are allowed to draw from a hat a movement skill (e.g., throwing, catching, kicking, etc.), sport, or related word (e. g., heart, muscle, etc.). Working together, they create a book written on the first or second grade level about their word. The book can be fiction (a boy who wants to go to the Olympics) or fact (facts about how the heart works).

Working with their classroom teacher they edit and rewrite their book until it is complete. In the computer lab they type their book into finished form using Easy Book or some other writing software program. After they are printed the students illustrate the books with drawings and then laminate and bind them in the media center.

When the books are completely finished, the students then create a physical activity station that goes along with their story. For example, if their story is about a butterfly that travels over and under then they would think of appropriate PE materials to create an obstacle course moving over and under. If their story was about a girl who likes to play golf, then they may use a golf club and set up a putting station. If a boy writes about the heart, he could create a routine for step aerobics. The PE teacher will need to help a little bit with this as the possibilities are endless.

After both the book and the station is complete and ready to go, then the first grade students are invited to PE with the 5th grade. The first graders are partnered and each set of partners are matched with a 5th grade set of partners. The 5th graders either read the story or help them read the story and then work with them on the appropriate movement skill at their station. After a set time the 1st grade students rotate (just like a rotation in normal stations) to a new set of 5th grade students and read and do a new activity.

At our school, the 2nd graders did not have 5th grade peer helpers, they read the story on their own and then did the station. This activity helps our students integrate reading, writing and practicing a physical skill and was a great collaborative effort between PE, language arts, computer and the media center.

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