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Teacher: Tom Winiecki who teaches at Mott Road Elementary School in Fayetteville, NY. Tom Winiecki can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Graffiti Board

Rationale/Purpose of Event: For students to show their knowledge of an activity before we begin in the gym. I use this information to tailor my instruction to meet the needs of each class.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Portable dry erase board and dry erase markers

Graffiti Board

A dry erase board is set up in the hallway right outside of the gym on the first day of each unit. The board is titled "What do you already know about ..." Students use the dry erase markers I provide to write down all that they already know about the activity we are about to begin.

I use their writing about their previous knowledge in my instruction and give them credit for it. I'll add their knowledge when I am making a point by referring to their notes on the white board. For example, if we are in a unit where the student has to control a ball while moving and someone wrote that the ball has to stay close to them while moving, I'll give that student credit for writing that down. I'll say "Emily even said this on the graffiti board. If anyone needs some help with this, Emily can help you too!" I will also use their comments to see if there may be something that no one wrote down. I'll make sure to hit that point with that class.

Picture of Graffiti Board:

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Record all of the student's responses on a poster size chart after the first day of a unit. At the end of that unit bring this chart back out and have the students add what they now have learned about the activity. This makes it easy for them to see the new things they learn in each unit.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

The board is set low enough so students in walkers/wheelchairs can still access it to include their comments.

Non-verbal students and their assistants are told of this a day ahead of time, so they can work together to come up with an answer to add to the board.

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D Shaw

Good stuff. Even high school students enjoy this!

Teri Wimmer

I am a new PE Coach and my administrator said I didn't ask many questions of my students after the lesson. This is a great idea to get feedback from students.

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