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Teacher: Nikki Burdick who teaches at Jenks West Elementary in Jenks, OK. Nikki Burdick can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Family Fun with Fitness Event

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To provide a free and fun family event that will promote community involvement through Health and Wellness.

Suggested Grade Level: PRE-K, K-2, 3-5

Materials Needed: Lacrosse sticks (about 8-10), several soft lacrosse training balls, one pop up goal, Jiu Jitsu- gymnastic mats, Crossfit- medicine ball, mats, box (stair step box), ladder (could also tape floor), Soccer- cones and a few gator skin soccer balls, Basketball- goal and balls, Baseball- wall targets(we use tape), plastic balls, plastic bats and 2 tees, Dance- Radio *May Vary by Vendors and Businesses. Some places bring their own equipment but we always offer what we have.

Family Fun with Fitness Event

West Elementary School has one Family Fitness Event every quarter. They are always free and everyone in the family is welcome. We work with local businesses and vendors within our community to promote health and wellness via sports and activities. High school athletes join in the fun to encourage the kids to get involved in something they enjoy that will help them stay active. We try to get as many programs and activities offered through our Community Ed but do invite other places that offer something health and fitness related for the families.

Here is what our Fall Family Fun and Fitness Night consists of (by station)

1. Lacrosse- They usually bring their own equipment but occasionally they will use the PE equipment. We set this station up near a blank wall for wall passes and then a goal for practice shooting. Kids will practice basics like scooping, passing and catching and some shooting.
2. Karate- We have a karate instructor that comes and demonstrates basic moves.
3. Jiu Jitsu- This is one of the newer ones and was by far the most interesting with parents and kids alike. They showed the kids some self defense moves which the parents loved and even talked about JJ as a sport rather than "fighting."
4. Crossfit Kids- We had a gym come set up a mini obstacle course that was about the width of the gym. It had box jumps, ladder drills, a heavy ball (smaller kids rolled it) and several exercises. Very popular station.
5. Dance & Zumba- The instructors took turns showing dances and doing zumba.
6. Basketball- Kids will learn basic skills like dribbling and shooting. Our local High School players come help with this station. (They like to show what they can do by shooting a 3 or even dunking which the kids LOVE)
7. Baseball- We put them on one side of the gym and set the tee up for kids to hit the ball against the back wall. Basic batting, throwing and catching are taught. Targets are on the wall (tape) for kids to throw at.


Other stations we have had in the past are: hockey, golf (they taught putting), tennis (they brought everything and worked on tossing balls over the net for kids to hit back), a jump rope team that showed routines but also helped kids learn new tricks, and wrestling.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Families love the opportunity to learn about new activities for their kids that may not be interested in the more popular sports like cheer, gymnastics, & football. Invite the high school athletes to come help/play with the kids (we give them service learning credits). The younger kids LOVE and look up to the older athletes.

Reach out to as many local businesses as you can. Offer what equipment you have and ask vendors to bring fliers for the families to take home as well.
We also offer an incentive to the teacher and students; the class with the highest attendance receives an extra recess! Teachers love the extra plan time.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Every station we offer (vendors, business advised) will offer one on one work with any child with special needs. We have a guide rope and a ball that makes sound for visually impaired children. Every activity has some way to adapt their activity. Soccer will have some kids just dribble in a space rather than around cones. Lacrosse will places a ball in the stick for the child to throw.

Every activity and need is different and can be adapted.

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