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Teacher: Zach Scipione who teaches at in Tinley Park, IL. Zach Scipione can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: "Rock Out"

Rationale/Purpose of Event: The purpose of the "Rock Out" system is to help develop teamwork, sportsmanship, and social skills during and at the end of classes.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2, 3-5

Materials Needed: A sign near the entrance to the gym saying "Rock Out" -Can be made out of construction paper and laminated Pictures around the sign of teams and athletes giving "high fives," and displaying teamwork skills -Example: Football team in a huddle Basketball team drawing up a play

"Rock Out"

The "Rock Out" system was developed to encourage students to always work together and encourage each other during and after class. Physical Education at the elementary level is so much about developing teamwork and social skills and this system can help to work on these essential skills in the affective domain. In this system as students are leaving class they need to "rock out" (this could go by a variety of names; rock, knuckles, fist pound)with three other students and tell them what they did well that day. For example, a student may say "great job shooting the ball into the basket", or "kicking the ball through the goals" and then give them a rock. This can be done while the students are lining up with the ultimate goal being to get students to do this and compliment each other during activities.

The "Rock Out" system can also help students who may have not had a great class because they didn't play a game/activity as well as they thought they should, or had a negative feeling about something that happened during class, to leave on a positive note. This system can even evolve into teams giving each other high-fives at the end of games/activities as students may recognize something similar to this from sports they play outside of school.


Instead of "rock," "knuckles," "fist pounds," classes can use high-fives

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Really emphasize throughout class periods teamwork and encouragement of their classmates.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:


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