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Teacher: Diana Laszewicki who teaches at Ft. Pierce Magnet School of the Arts in Fort Pierce, FL. Diana Laszewicki can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Wildcat Walk-A-Thon

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To raise the awareness of physical activity for the students, teachers and parents and for the school to have a fundraiser at the same time.

Suggested Grade Level: K-8

Materials Needed: Music, rubber bands, envelopes, paper, manila folders, glue, cones, drinks, cups, hole punchers (different designs)

Wildcat Walk-A-Thon

I wanted to raise money for PE equipment and I wanted to incorporate that with something educational, challenging and FUN. I was amazed at how easy it was to run and organize and best of all, the kids and parents raved about how fun it was and actually started to walk together as a family each evening after dinner. What better way to get a family doing physical activities together and make it fun for all.

Walking is enjoyed by everyone and it's something that the students can incorporate at home with their families for an activity to do together. During PE class I have the students do warm-up activities for stretching muscles and begin to practice walking different distances each time. I regularly send letters home to parents in hopes that it encourages families to walk together.

The students are responsible (students participate even if no money is collected) for getting a flat donation from family and friends to support this fundraiser. Once the money is collected, the walk-a-thon is scheduled and families come out to walk with their children for 30 minutes. Drinks and music are provided.

Laps are counted for each student with a lap card around their wrist and it's punched with a hole puncher each time they complete one lap. Awards are given for the class with the most visitors walking, most student laps and class laps.

The kids love it and the families love coming out and participating with their kids, enjoying the day. The PE dept. gets half of the money collected and the teachers get the other half. I usually do the walk in March and tie it in with Fitness Week. The teachers also walk with their kids and they combine different lessons of their own in the classroom that ties in with fitness and health. The teachers really enjoy this event and make a whole day out of it with everyone at the end of the day making healthy snacks in the shade. It's the easiest fundraiser I've ever put together and most of all FUN!

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