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Teacher: Carol Ross who teaches at Harding Academy in Nashville, TN. Carol Ross can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Watch Me Wall

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To encourage postive behavior and correct motor skill/fitness techniques learned in physical education class.

Suggested Grade Level: K-12

Materials Needed: Camera, film, and poster board/paper materials

Watch Me Wall

Throughout the school year I try and get every student on the "Watch Me" wall. When you see a student exhibiting a positive behavior or a good technique you can take a photo of that student. Place it on a sheet of paper, and underneath the photo describe the correct behavior/technique. Then place it on the "Watch Me" wall (laminated is best) for a couple of weeks (depending on the size of your student body).

I put more than one up at a time. Then you can take it down and give it to the student to take home. This is a real thrill for the student to show his/her parents that they made it on the wall.

I teach at a small school, so getting everyone on the wall is not a difficult task. For those of you at larger schools where the student body wouldn't permit everyone on the wall, if you track who has been on the wall each year, you can try to get a student on the wall at least once during their time at your school.

NOTE: It is best for you to check your schools policy for taking pictures of students at your school. Many schools have to get permission from parents to do this, especially when taking pictures of children with disabilities.

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