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Teacher: Billy Bridges who teaches at South Douglas Elementary in West Douglasville, GA. Billy Bridges can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Videotaped Quizzes

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To check for understanding about the skill that I am teaching to the students.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Camcorder; blank videotape; equipment for unit being taught; notebook paper; pencils

Videotaped Quizzes

I administer quizzes for the themes (e.g., throwing, catching, kicking, etc.) I teach to check for student understanding of these skills. Students are involved in the making of these videotapes and they take the quiz at a station that is set up with a VCR/TV during physical education classes. These quizzes are already adapted, by design, for the various academic levels of our students.

As stated earlier, each quiz is videotaped, by me, using students in various grades from our school to perform the skills. When the quiz is taken at a station, I show the videotape and students write one letter answers on their papers. For example, I just gave a soccer quiz with 5 questions. For each question, there was a student or students performing a skill correctly and a student or group performing the same skill incorrectly (one was labeled "A" and one was labeled "B"). Students simply wrote "A" if the first demonstration of the skill was correct or "B" if the second was correct.

The kids love being involved in the making of these videotaped and those taking the quiz enjoy seeing their friends on the quiz

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that you get signed permission from all parents of students involved in the videotapes before proceeding with such a practice.

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