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Teacher: Hayden Ross who teaches at Clark County School District in Las Vegas, NV.

Name of Best Practice: Extreme Makeover: Fitness Roadshow Edition

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To help change the way physical education is delivered and to focus on a more fitness based approach.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-12

Materials Needed: Sound system, resistance bands, agility ladders, agility hurdles, jump ropes, medicine balls, Dance, Dance Revolution Games and Xavix Interactive Technology games

Extreme Makeover: Fitness Roadshow Edition


This project is called The Extreme Makeover: Fitness Roadshow Edition, and will visit a minimum of 5 secondary schools during the 2006/2007 school year. The Fitness Road Show will come to a school, set up the gym with various fitness station activities, play music, create enthusiasm, and teach the students in each physical education class the principles of health related fitness and the importance of cardiovascular fitness. The various technology and fitness stations will be demonstrated and then students will spend time participating in our fitness station activities. The Fitness Road Show will stay at the school the entire day to make sure all physical education classes get exposure to the event. Closure at the end of event will include a review of health related fitness concepts.

F.I.T.T. principle:

F= Frequency (Exercising every day is best, minimum 3 days a week)
I= Intensity (Working out at 60-80% of your max heart rate)
T= Time (Work out for at least 25 minutes for a cardiovascular benefit)
T= Type (Is the exercise aerobic and anaerobic?)

Health Related Fitness Concepts:
1. Muscular Strength
2. Muscular Endurance
3. Cardiorespiratory Endurance
4. Body Composition
5. Flexibility

It is my belief that fitness based physical education will have an impact that will go far beyond the physical education classroom. Goals for the project include: 1) Physical Educators will be exposed to another method of delivering physical education content to better focus on fitness concepts that are both engaging and meaningful for students. 2) The project will focus on the delivery of fitness concepts and activities that will encourage full participation by students. 3) The Fitness Roadshow will expose both physical educators and students to interactive video fitness games that students actively enjoy participating in.

The Fitness Roadshow began when a grant was obtained from the Public Education Foundation in Las Vegas, NV. With that seed money I was able to purchase medicine balls, resistance bands, SPARQ agility ladders, SPARQ agility hurdles, speed ropes, XaviX interactive fitness video games, and the Dance, Dance, Revolution video games. We have enough equipment to keep every student active the entire class period.

NikeTown Las Vegas has been a great supporter of physical activity programs in the Clark County School District. NikeTown has agreed to help with staffing the events and will provide Nike shirts to the entire PE department at each school we visit. We also felt it was important to leave all the fitness equipment we used at the school so they can continue to teach fitness based physical education classes after we leave.

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