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Teacher: Sarah Micheel who teaches at in West Allis, WI. Sarah Micheel can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Recess Options

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To review how to play some short and easy recess games that children can participate in.

Suggested Grade Level: 4-5

Materials Needed: Any materials specific to the activity (e.g. playground ball for 4-Square, jump ropes for the Rhymes)

Recess Options

For both these lessons, divide the class into four groups. Present only four games/activities at a session/lesson. After you thoroughly explain the rules and post cards at each station that review the rules, students have 5-10 minutes at each station. Groups rotate to a new station when they hear the whistle.

Activities we used:

  1. Horse

  2. 4-Square

  3. 2 on 2 Volleyball

  4. Jump Rope Rhymes

Second set:

  1. Around the World

  2. Single Jump Ropes

  3. Pickle (or Monkey in the Middle)

  4. Freeze Tag

At the end discuss how important it is to not fight about close calls (ball on a line in 4 square or not? ball on the line in volleyball). Give them strategies as to how to do this.

Many students will already know these games but that is OK. The purpose of the lesson is to review the rules, remind them of how important sportsmanship is, and allow students to try new activities.

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