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Teacher: Jim Brown who teaches at Lowther Intermediate School in Emporia, KS. Jim Brown can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Physical Education and Music Program

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To inform parents of the type of activities which their students are involved in during their time in Physical Education and Music class.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-8

Materials Needed: The materials you will need will depend on the activities which your showcase.

Physical Education and Music Program

Our school is made up of 16 classes of fifth graders. These students come to us from seven different K-4 elementary schools. Often times the PE programs which the parents are familiar with vary from "old school traditional programs" to "the New PE". In an effort to let them know about our PE and music programs the music teacher and I present a program for the parents which highlights our philosophy of students working together. Our program draws from the Hellison Model and tends to be heavily cooperative in nature. Most activities are small group usually (e.g., 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 4 on 4). Problem solving is also stressed in our classes. Children learn that things work better when they work together.

During this program we showcase activities that the children are doing in Physical Education and Music class. The music portion of the program features songs/activities which many of the children have parts in playing instruments, doing creative dance etc. The physical education portion showcases our curriculum "Physical Focus" and involves small group games, cooperative activities, team builders, and dance activities. Some specific activities that I have used have been rhythm routines using basketballs, jump bands and jump ropes, dance activities featuring a hand jive to the song Green Eggs and Ham the Cotton Eyed Joe, Heal the World (using sign language) and La Raspa using Charlie Brown as the music. Small group activities such as floor pong, four square volleyball, one on one cone soccer, chicken noodle hockey and Foxtail horseshoes. Cooperative activities like Down the Drain which uses golf tubes and marbles, spider's web -- transporting team members through a web and Omniken ball activities such as Indiana Jones.

The last activity is a dance activity which we invite the parents to come down for and have their child help teach it to them. The Green Eggs and Ham activity mentioned above and The Electric Slide are a couple of the activities we have used at the end which the students have taught to their parents.The activities have been both line dances and creative ones but tend to be more line dances.

We do four of these programs, one for each team of four classes. Every year we hear comments like physical education and music sure have changed since I was in school. We just smile. The PE/Music programs are in the evening so that we can have parent participation. We usually have 85% + of the parents and students in attendance.

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