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Teacher: Doug Marchetti who teaches at Rowayton School in Norwalk, CT. Doug Marchetti can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: PE for Parents

Rationale/Purpose of Event: The purpose of this program is to allow parents to experience firsthand some of the activities and skills their children work on in PE class.

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials Needed: This depends on what "themes" or skills you are going to showcase. I use cones, foam balls, bean bags, trainer volleyballs, paddles, etc.

PE for Parents

Early in the school year (usually during "open house") I schedule a PE for Parents night. This night allows me to discuss the Physical Education program in-depth, without having to worry about parents moving to another component of the traditional "open house". I explain the curriculum, my classroom rules, and discuss my philosophy. I intersperse discussion with a variety of activities, allowing parents to experience firsthand some of the games and activities the kids talk about when they get home from school! This also allows me to explain "why" we do certain things, and what we are attempting to accomplish at various grade levels.

Parents always seem to enjoy the night -- they enjoy some physical activity and get to learn more about me and our physical education program. The night also gives me an opportunity to showcase some of the "extracurricular" events we do (Ice Skating Day, Field Day, etc.) I think its a terrific opportunity to demonstrate to parents how valuable we are, and its a great public relations tool.

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