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Teacher: Rick Carr who teaches at Woodford County Middle School in Versailles, KY. Rick Carr can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Iron Tiger 10 Day Triathlon

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To motivate students to increase their fitness levels and determine attainable personal fitness goals.

Suggested Grade Level: 7-8

Materials Needed: Cardiovascular fitness equipment (e.g., treadmills, elliptical trainers, exercise bikes, DDR, etc.), Pedometers, Spreadsheet program (e.g., excel)

Iron Tiger 10 Day Triathlon

Woodford Middle School's mascot is the Tigers. That is why this event is called the "Iron Tiger" 10 Day Triathlon. It is called a triathlon because it involves a combination of mileage from three activities. The students begin by determining baseline data (one day). This is obtained by spending five minutes performing three of the activities (step-ups with pedometers, treadmill, elliptical trainer, and exercise bikes). They write down the distance they traveled in the five minutes. Then they figure out how far they could travel in 30 minutes for a 3-day period to determine their goals for each activity. This becomes their goal to achieve the "Iron Tiger." For the following 9 days, the students perform 3 cardiovascular activities and record their total miles traveled. The students who complete their goal (total miles for each activity) receive a pedometer.


If there is plenty of exercise equipment, a predetermined number such as 40 miles in 2 weeks could be set. The mileage could be separated into 10 miles treadmill, 10 miles elliptical trainer, and 20 miles bike.

I have used this with adults in the cardio room in the afternoons. It really motivates them to reach the goals they determine. At the end of the determined time period, new basline data can be determined to adjust for new goals.

If very little equipment is available, simple running and other activities can be measured using pedometers or time can be used as a measure instead of mileage.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

I use Microsoft Excel to keep track of the students' data. I also sign off on their daily miles to encourage integrity. The pedometers we give away to those who reach their goal are donated. I post the students names as they reach their goals.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Many activity's distance can be measured using a pedometer or by measuring time instead of distance. This adaptation can be made to allow students with disabilities to perform activities appropriate for their needs.

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Tricia Wideman

Hi! We are looking into buying new treadmills for our school and wanted to know what you use? We are looking for something pretty basic, inexpensive to fix, and that will last long. Any suggestions you have will be very helpful! You can email me at

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