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Teacher: Carol Ann Pisciotta who teaches at in Silver Spring, MD. Carol Ann Pisciotta can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: ACTIVE! -ity Board

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To increase awareness of a variety of fitness opportunities. It also is to develop and encourage a lifelong appreciation for and enjoyment of many different types of physical activities.

Suggested Grade Level: K-12

Materials Needed: A place to hang the information, a photocopy machine to reproduce the flyers, internet access to research local running, biking, hiking, and recreational sports/activities and you will need incentives/rewards.

ACTIVE! -ity Board

Create a display of upcoming fitness related events in a prominent, well traveled area in your school. Post flyers of a diverse range of activities.

Introduce the board and program at the beginning of the year. Discuss some examples of what types of activities may be posted and explain the ones you have on the board. Describe your incentive plan. (My incentive plan is to give them a plastic collectible runner or tennis shoe after each event they've participated in--which tends to motivate others once they see students with them--and a certificate at the end of the year stating how many events.)

Whenever there is a new posting to the ACTIVE!-ity Board, describe the event to each class to generate interest. Have copies of the flyers as a visual and to hand out to interested students.


One would have to stay knowledgeable and current about events and activities in the community. Consider any incurred costs for or transportation to the event/site. Perhaps the most expeditious way to obtain this kind of information is through the Internet.

Another board or more may be displayed for the students to list the activities in which they are engaged. The students themselves can take pride in their self-responsibility!

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Running clubs have fun runs for our younger students. Running, biking and hiking clubs often have events designed for children of all ages; some even have a "junior participation" series of events. You could post the local recreation departments skills clinics, teams and activities. You could promote the intramural and district teams.

The rewards can be printed certificates, plastic collectible fitness symbols, mini sports balls, etc. You can even have an ultimate prize for the student in each class or grade, etc. that participated in the most events.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Postings from local Special Olympics and findings from sources like

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