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Teacher: Chris Hess who teaches at Willow Springs Elementary School in in Killeen, TX. Chris Hess can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Locomotor License

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To demonstrate mastery of the locomotor skills of my first, second, and third grade students.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: computer, database software, digital camera, heavy stock paper, laser printer, laminator or laminate sheets

Locomotor License

After finishing their locomotor skills unit my students demonstrate that they have mastered all of the locomotor skills. Once they have shown mastery of the locomotor skills they are issued a Locomotor License. The Locomotor Licenses are typed into a database with the studentās name, classroom teacher, date, and Director of Locomotion (the Physical Education teacher's name). A picture of each student is taken with a digital camera and placed on their Locomotor License. The licenses are then printed using a laser printer on heavy stock paper and then laminated.

Once the students are issued their license they can have them revoked if they are caught running in the hallways by any teacher or administrator. If their license is revoked the student can earn it back by taking a remedial locomotor course. The student has to re-demonstrate their locomotor skills to earn their license back.

This is the eighth year of doing this unit and I have had former students come back after they graduated to show me their license. For my students who are blind or visually impaired I have their Locomotor License typed in Braille so that they are able to enjoy their accomplishment.

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