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Teacher: Jill Goldman who teaches at Francis A Desmares Elementary School in Flemington, NJ. Jill Goldman can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Fitness Board Game

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To reinforce the five Components of Fitness (Flexability, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Body Composition,and Cardiovasular Endurance) and to give students opportunity for leadership roles.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Dice, markers, fake money, paper, markers, and any additional movement equipment.

Fitness Board Game

I offer an enrichment class dedicated to improving fitness. This class is held once a week for a 45 minute period for half the year. Students in the 6th grade self-select enrichment classes in our school. I have students create life board game pieces with pictures and descriptions of different exercise movements that would help improve at least one component of fitness based on discussions we had in class. Pieces were made on large pieces of construction paper using markers and then were laminated.

When all pieces were finished students formed small groups and taped the pieces together to form game boards. One example of a piece that would work muscular endurance was push yourself around 1 lap of the gym on a scooter using only your legs.

On the last day we invited a 3rd grade class in to play the game using the boards we created. Each group of 6th graders was in charge of running the game for groups of approximately five 3rd graders.

The game began with the 3rd grader rolling a dice and then moving their marker that many spots and perform whatever s/he landed on. If the performance was satisfactory the 3rd graders would be awarded a fake dollar bill. A coned area was marked off in the middle of the gym for students to do laps around. The 6th graders were in charge of assisting and running the game while the 3rd graders played. At the end of the period each group determined the winner by whoever had the most fake money and all students got to keep fake money as a prize. While the game was being played students from the school newspaper observed and conducted interviews for a future article.


Can change activities game board pieces to be unit skill related.

Include math problems for amount of times to do skill for example instead of 6 push ups use 2x3 push ups.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Give students plenty of time to create pieces.

Make sure directions on pieces are clear and specific.

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