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Teacher: Micky Habeck who teaches at Pequot Lakes in Pequot Lakes, MN. Micky Habeck can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Landmark Lapathon

Rationale/Purpose of Event: The purpose of this event is to promote physical fitness and to learn more about the state in which our students live in.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Minnesota map, clipboard, poker chips, cards, ice cream pail, clock, whistle, homemade certificates, pencils

Landmark Lapathon

The Landmark Lapathon is an event for 4th grade classes. In the mornings, before school officially begins, each class comes to our middle gym and run/walks laps for 10 minutes. 24 laps = 1 mile. Each student picks up a chip or card each time they make a lap. After the 10 minutes, I blow the whistle and students line up according to their homeroom teachers. Students count up their chips or cards and tell me their totals. I have a sheet with columns for each homeroom teacher. Each day I total up each classes laps and mark it on their laminated Minnesota map hanging on their classroom teachers doors. The goal is to "travel" cities in Minnesota that have landmarks associated with them. For an example: Bemidji has Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox, Bena has a Muskie fish, Crosby has a Serpent and so on.

Each year we vary the routes to make it interesting therefore students learn more about their state. The first class to reach the total miles first, is declared the winner. I try to keep the miles realistic so it doesn't drag on forever. 3 or 4 weeks is a nice time frame. Each class receives a homemade certificate and pencils. The winning class will also receive a low fat ice cream party for their efforts. On awards day, all 4th grade classes are recognized. This last year I had a theme of "Millennium Miles" to make it interesting. Teachers also like to get involved so encourage them to join in. For 10 minutes before classes begin, it makes a nice way to start your day.

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