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Teacher: Diana Bone who teaches at Cumberland Mills Elementary School in Fayetteville, NC. Diana Bone can be contacted at D50play50@AOL.COM.

Name of Best Practice: Innovative Celebration of Enrichment (ICE)

Rationale/Purpose of Event: As an alternative to "field day" this idea allows children to explore Art, Music, Media, Computers and Physical Education experiences on their own.

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials Needed: For the Physical Education Centers I use, a variety of Balls, Jump ropes, Hockey equipment, Batting Tees, Bean bags, Volleyball (net), Scoops, Socceer balls, Paddles, and Bowling equipment. The Art, Music, Media, and Computer teachers set up their own centers. PE has 10 centers, Art has 10 centers, Music has 5 centers, Media 5 centers, and the Computer lab is 1 center.

Innovative Celebration of Enrichment (ICE)

This is a day (or however long you wish the event to last) designed where children are free to experience a variety of activities in PE, Art, Music, Media, and Computers. Students are free to discover, practice, and experiment with the activities these teachers in these areas have designed for the children.

Students start at the beginning of the day and move/rotate individually or with friends. They go to as many or as few centers as they wish. A class does not have to stay together. A number of teachers and volunteers are on hand to monitor student behavior. There are approximately 30 centers for our ICE day.


  • Have students write up a small report that indicates which centers they visited and what they learned, liked most/least, etc.
  • For those students who wish not to go to many centers (which is typically very few) you will have to have a place for them to work.

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