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Teacher: Chris Malloy who teaches at El Roble Middle School in CA, . Chris Malloy can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Do More, Watch Less by the California Obesity Prevention Initiative

Rationale/Purpose of Event: The purpose of the pilot program we are conducting at the local junior high school is to see if the California program impacts decreased daily screen-time for our students. The overall goal is to decrease risks for overweight as 7th-graders prepare to enter adolescence.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials Needed: 55 pedometers for a co-ed class of approximately 55, 7th grade students.

Do More, Watch Less by the California Obesity Prevention Initiative

The "Do more, Watch less" program was created by a coalition of agencies for the state of California. The program is intended for use in Junior High school after-school programs but can be modified to an in-school curriculum according to the California Obesity Prevention Initiative chairperson, Nancy Gelbard.

The goal is to effect student's lifestyles in such a way that they reduce screen-based activities to no more than two hours a day. The test-class will be challenged to omit all screen-based activities for 3-days during one week followed by committing to no more than 2-hours of screen-based activites a day.

Ideas for alternative activities will be shared including two that have been coordinated by the school nurse. One such activity is "Walk Claremont" in which each participant will be given a pedometer. Local businesses have agreed to provided rewards in the form of discounts to students meeting specific step-milestones on the pedometers. This activity is encouraged for the students with their family members and will thereby benefit the entire family.

Program materials are available to download free
here (PDF file).

In order to carry out the 'Walk Claremont' activity 55 pedometers will be needed. This is an arm of the "Do more, watch less". campaign to be tried.


A local health club has offered 2-month family memberships as their contribution to the "Do more, watch less" program at El Roble Junior High. Students must attend the club at least 3-times a week and parents must attend two free nutrition classes offered by the club.

Any activity other than screen-based activities are acceptable in this program. Research has revealed that even reading burns more calories than watching TV! Those students confined to a wheelchair who wish to participate in the 'Walk Claremont' activity can participate with a friend or family member wearing the pedometer.

SUBMITTERS NOTE: Beth is a registered nurse working part-time for the Claremont Unified School District in Claremont, California. Beth is colaborating with the full time nurse who is specifically designated to work with the students at the school. Because "Do More, Watch Less" is intended for the junior high aged child, Beth will be collaborating with the nurse and PE teachers at that school to implement the program.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Modify the online materials as needed for specific class use and follow up with the COPI program chairperson regarding the modifications. Remind students not to shake pedometers for false readings.

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