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Teacher: Joanne Woodworth who teaches at West Point Elementary School in West Point, NY. Joanne Woodworth can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Running To Iraq

Rationale/Purpose of Event: The purpose is to demonstrate our support of our troops overseas. This is a wonderful opportunity for children to develop values of compassion, caring, and respect throughout the school.

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials Needed: Map of the world, Adequate space to run, Pedometers

Running To Iraq

This is a school-wide participation of teachers, staff and students walking and running the 6,000 miles from West Point, N.Y. to Baghdad. (You can estimate distance from your own school site.) Teachers and staff may submit weekly walking and running mileage to me as I total the entire school's mileage. Students participate in Physical Education class and run as part of the cardio warm-up or as part of a center. Mileage is tallied on a weekly basis. Everyone's mileage counts. Each person works at their own pace. Footprint stickers are placed on the world map showing where we have traveled. Children have opportunities throughout the school year to write letters and cards to soldiers and send care packages. Banners and holiday decorations are sent on a quarterly basis.


This can coincide with other subject areas, ie. social studies and math. Let the students tally 'class' miles. You can use a wall of the gym as a large map with 'footprints' to incorporate an art project.

Teaching Suggestions/Tips:

Tallying the mileage may be too time consuming. It is more important to show that as a school teachers and students are working together toward a common goal-supporting our soldiers and being physically active than being consumed over the exact mileage.

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Posted on PEC: 11/2/2004 and has received 63 votes.

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