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Teacher: Kevin Mikelbank and Rick Sonn who teaches at Winnequah Middle School in Monona, WI. Kevin Mikelbank and Rick Sonn can be contacted at

Name of Best Practice: Fitness Challenge

Rationale/Purpose of Event: To encourage students to become regularly active. This includes activities that they pick and enjoy.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-12

Materials Needed: A photocopied challenge sheet for each student

Fitness Challenge

We started the Fitness Challenge program in the 96-97 school year. At the beginning of a marking period, challenge sheets are distributed to all students. The sheet challenges a student to get their heart rate up through physical activity for 30 continuous minutes three times per week.

The students take their sheet home and write their activities down in the box for the week that they are performed. The student then has one week to turn in their challenge sheet about halfway through the marking period. The sheet is turned in with a parent/guardian signature. We then sign the sheet, record the number of completed activities, and return the sheet to the student that class period. The student can then bring the sheet home and the parent can see that it was turned in. This process is repeated just prior to the end of the marking period.

Activities may be the same or varied each week, but must be:

  1. outside of the normal school day

  2. thirty minutes or more in duration

  3. raise the heart rate, and

  4. separated by 2 hours of time

Activities can vary greatly from shoveling snow, helping someone move, raking leaves, walking the dog, or sports. Basically, if it can satisfy the four questions, then it can count.

PE EXTRA CREDIT is posted on the bottom of the sheet in a separate box. These are activities that can be done in addition to the regular weekly challenge. We limit the extra credit to 8 points. One point is usually part of a community service project like collecting pop tops for the Ronald McDonald House. The other seven are split between activities that are done with an adult and special activities that we would like the child to try. These activities are usually more lifetime oriented activities such as biking, hiking, skiing, tennis and skating. This extra credit allows students the same extra credit opportunities. It also provides opportunities for students to perform activities with adults/parents.

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